Teaching Staff

Our academic staff comprises of faculty who stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. They strive towards making winners and frontrunners out of ordinary people. We offer professional and fine-quality faculty who are competent in pedagogy & research and who refresh their knowledge with the latest academic practices in their discipline.

Full Time Faculties
Sl. No.Name of the facultyQualification
1.Dr. Bhargavi V. R.
Professor and Director
M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil., PGDCP, Ph.D
2.Ms. Reshma B.
Assistant Professor
3.Mr. Swaroop R.
Assistant Professor
M.B.A., M.Com.
Visiting Faculties
4.Prof. Ramesh Kumar N.M.B.A. (International Trade & Marketing)Boston University, Boston, MA, USA. Master’s Degree in Industrial Economics (Industrial Location & Development)Brussels University – Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels, Belgium.
5.CS Priyanka S. AngadiACS., L.L.M. (London School of Economics)
6.Dr. K.S. Naik B.E ,PGDIM ,M.B.A ,Ph.D
7.Prof. Raghunath Rao SimhaB.Com. CAIIB
8.Prof. M.B. BalasubramanyamB.Sc., CAIIB., PGDM.
9.Prof. Pramod A.V. M.Com. PGDFM
10.Prof . Subramanyam B.R.M.A. (Sociology) FFII
11.Prof. Raghunath S. KambamBSc, B.L. FFII
12.Dr. Janak ShelatB.E., M.B.A., Ph.D.
13.Prof. Sampath KumaranBSc. B.E. M.B.A.
14.Prof. Jayaraj k. (David)B.Com., Higher Diploma in French., (M.A.)
15.Prof. Soumya MSc., M.Phil
16.CA Srikanth JagadeeshB.Com., F.C.A.
17.Prof. Vidya ShivannavarM.Com., M.Phil.
18.Prof. Vijayalakshmi R. MCA., MBA., M.Phil., PGD in Computer Software applications
19.Prof. V.V.RaoM.Sc. (Statistics), M.Phil.
20.Prof Talat Ara B.Ed., M.A.
21.Dr. Pampa DeviM.A. (History), M.Phil., PhD.
22.Prof. T.R. DayalanB.E., MBA.
23.Prof. Srinivasan Lakshmi NarayananCA, P.G. Diploma in Import and Export Management.
24.CMA Ravindranath Kaushik.NC.M.A., C.A.