Director's Message


Commerce and Management education has entered a period of profound transition driven by globalization, technology, demographics and pressing social imperatives. In today's rapidly changing business environment, competent and capable people are crucial to organization's success in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. In the recent times, new competitive landscapes are emerging, marked by increased levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, leading to hyper competition. We, at the Post Graduate Department of Commerce and Management are striving to give our students the edge for success in a world that demands smart, flexible and effective leaders. We are sculpting the next generation to face complex range of challenges and develop their capacity to steer responsibly. We give our students's a unique opportunity for self development and eventually prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Dr. Bhargavi V. R.

M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil., PGDCP, Ph.D

Fellow, World Academy of Productivity Science.