ACTS - Attendance and Course Tracking System

The college is particular as far as the attendance is concerned. It is mandatory for all students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% without which they will not be allowed to appear for their exams. We have been constantly updating our mechanism to monitor attendance and academic performance. We have an integrated Campus Management System (CMS) based on latest cloud computing technology. CMS provides students direct access to their hourly attendance through individual student accounts. Reference material, Videos, Internal assessment marks as well as study material is posted on the Digitacampus site.

Salient features of ACTS: Attendance and Course Tracking System

  • Individual student's account with login and password.
  • Login and password for Director to access/ track student information regularly.
  • Mechanism for Director to check progress in syllabus completion
  • No manual entries, no attendance registers.
  • SMS to students to communicate important information.
  • Feedback on faculty performance by students taken online.